About project

Hi! My name is Mary. Thank you for visiting our website! We are very pleased to see you here. :)

Going abroad often, I had found myself explaining to foreigners a lot of times that 1) we are a separate state with its own culture, language, traditions, 2) Belarus is in the center of Europe, and not at the North Pole :), it connects the Eastern and Western Europe, it’s a link between it 3) we are not Belarussia, Belarus, Weißrussland or Baltarussia, we are Belarus!

I must confess that many were surprised by such information, but they took it with interest and desire to visit this small but mysterious country one day. :) That’s why we decided to introduce the tourists and visitors the capital, and, perhaps, minskers themselves to the heart of Belarus — Minsk.

Our main idea — present the city not just as a place on the map that you want to visit, but to show its soul through the stories of townspeople about their favorite places: stories of students, marketers, engineers, dreamers, guides, travelers and in general, ordinary people such as ourselves. And because we can be imperfect, sometimes naive, funny, serious, with our eccentricities and dreams so the stories collected here, turned out completely different. Photographic material is also provided by local photographers who like Minsk and want to share its beauty with others!

Of course, we can talk about Minsk for a long time: the city is rich with its own legends, it is possible to find thousands of unknown places, a lot of cozy cafes are opening nowadays, and, in general, Minsk comes alive every year, but so far we have focused on the top 5 places in Minsk, which are split by category for easy selection to visitors.


I want to express my gratitude to all the people who helped me to make the project real!

MaeSens project team who supported the idea and assisted in its implementation! It makes sense.

Masha Cheriakova, Socstarter.com manager, and Denis Kondratovich, Startidea.by founder, who helped me to believe in myself and fulfil my dreams.

Sergey Ilyin, a wonderful friend and photographer whose amazing photos made the website brighter.

And sure thanks to all our translators and photographers.

Translators into Belarusian: Антон Бельскі, Дар’я Ждановіч, Кацярына Сідарэнка, Лізавета Дубінчына, Марына Пятрова, Алена Фінская, Вераніка Сідарэнка, Зміцер Гуд, Кацярына Ганчарык, Надзея Партыка, Настасся Кухарэнка, Вераніка Пуставіт, Вадзім Шчаглоў, Марыя Кавальчук, Воля Севярынец, Віктар Пятроў, Карына Салавей, Алена Балыка, Алеся Гурская-Таболіч, Кацярына Радзюк, Антон Гліністы, Кацярына Легастаева, Надзея Вішнеўская, Люся Нікіценка.

Translators into English: Наталья Дорошкевич, Ирина Зуева, Настя Киселева, Ира Городецкая, Вероника Помазанская, Надежда Партыка, Юля Згерская, Маргарита Сивец, Ольга Рудак.

People who shared their photos: Антон Мартынов, Максим Соколов, Рина Кучинская, Юля Огурцова, Ирина Березовская, Ольга Слезко, Алексей Варган, Вадим Папко, Вална Руденко, Пётр Щитников, Вася Пашкевич, Евгений Лацапнёв, Евгения Сергиевич, Александр Зайцев, Александр Андрейченко, Антон Чайка, Юлия Лискавец.

We are always open to cooperation, new ideas and your wishes. Welcome to Minsk, don’t waste time and go on a journey to the places mentioned in our itinerary!

rsquo;t waste time and go on a journey to the places mentioned in our itinerary!